Journey Across The Universe (Full Album) ( 49:10 )


What is more fascinating than a journey into the unknown of the universe? And if this were really
possible, what would be the moods of a human being who enters this wonder? I tried to imagine
myself in this situation giving expression to my musical fantasy and the result was “Journey Across
The Universe”, an album that wants to be not only music but also imagination, narration, feeling and
desire to share these sensations with other human beings. To each of you who wants to listen to it, it
can arouse completely different sensations, but this is the charm of music…

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6 reviews for Journey Across The Universe (Full Album) ( 49:10 )

  1. Geoff Smailes

    Congratulations Gian Paolo.
    As you know, I am not a musician, but I love music, especially PIANO, and I think you have done a great job with your compositions and this album !
    Your webpage, your words and your artwork are also of a high and professional standard.
    I wish you good fortune with this new endeavour !

  2. Althea Lucrezia

    An incredible album, it takes you on a beautiful introspective journey. Whether you are looking for relaxing background music or to deepen your knowledge of self this album is versatile and adaptable to every occasion!
    I am so grateful to have found it and Gian Paolo is a very talented artist ! Would recommend 100%
    Vote 10/10

  3. Dominic Basile

    Such beautiful music whenever I go for my walks to
    ground and just relax I put my headphones on and just follow the sound of the music my favorite is Sirius Dreams it makes me feel like I’m off world and it’s beautiful when releasing or just enjoying music

  4. Deva Singh

    Thank you Gian for this fine creation! It took me to different spaces.
    The ambience is perfect for most any mood. I’m still trying to decide which track is my favorite!

  5. De Carlson

    Absolutely beautiful! If you are looking for music that takes your soul on a journey, then this album is a definite to add to your collection. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us. 🙏

  6. Alexander Begg

    Dear Gian,

    When I first heard this music I felt sides of me open up. They were energetic centres like the heart, mind and soul.
    The Pace and rhythm sets a gradual and patient tone that distills me.

    I am so over joyed you have found the time and energy to make this music.
    It is enchanting and takes me to another place.

    If I were you I would never stop making music because the way it speaks is unique.
    It tells a story of many emotional states.

    Each time our emotions are recognised we can feel integrated so its a healing and therapy product as well.
    Most of all it tells the intellectual side of me to calm down and slow down.

    If I were you I would continue marketing forever and showcasing your work.
    It can create a mental and emotional state to be careful in high risk situations where they need their spirit to be calmed down and plot the path ahead with utmost care.
    This is what your music reminds me of.

    It is very DI in the highest consciousness sense.

    I think your music has managed to borderline touch the deepest parts of self and spirit which music seldom touches.
    That is very you, and I see the names you chose are very cosmic and speak of transcendental harmony.

    It is emotional and spiritual music of the highest degree in a time where people need it so you absolutely cannot let those people down who need to hear it.

    On a personal note I am going to be undertaking my own challenges soon which are qualifications for financial trading. I think this music is going to be essential. I think its just the right tempo and set of sounds for the task.

    I will be contacting you in person to help support your creative energy.

    God speed!
    I love you friend

    Godspeed definition and meaning

    Collins Dictionary › dictionary › english

    good fortune; success (used as a wish to a person starting on a journey, a new venture)

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