10. Biocosmic Rhapsody ( 8:46 )


The track is divided in 3 movements identifying the origins of the Universe according to the Big Bang
theory (the beginning at hot and infinitely dense point 13.7 billion years ago), that consists of 3 Eras:
• Era of Explosion. First Movement. Time: Instantly. Creation of Matter, Energy, Space and
• Era of Radiation. Second Movement. Time: Instantly. Feature of the Epochs (smaller stages).
• Era of Matter. Third Movement. Time: Billions of years. Creation of Elements (building blocks
of matter).
These Eras represent the birth, growth and maturity of the Universe.
Different objects are surfing each Era. The melody is often varying due to different objects behaviors
(quarks, stars, black holes, planets, comets, nebulae, meteorites etc.).

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